Sean is a writer and plumber from Edinburgh in Scotland. He spent most of his childhood and teenage years on the move with his Scottish and Irish Parents growing up in the likes of Cyprus, Germany, Wales, and England (His dad was in the army and not a bank robber) With a keen interest in both reading and writing, Sean was diagnosed with the travel and writing bugs very early on in life. Now, writing, traveling, reading, working out, cinema, and Scottish football (Supporting the mighty Hibernian FC for his sins) are his main passions in life. His main inspiration for writing today comes from living in such a beautiful, charming and hauntingly, Gothic city, such as Edinburgh. An awe-inspiring wee place that has given him so much amazing inspiration to write the more time he spends there.

Sean’ Screenwriting accolades to date –
Finalist at the 2018 Nashville Film Festival Screenwriting competition for his recently optioned road trip screenplay ‘The Old Man and The Princess.’

Finalist of the Inroads Screenwriting Fellowship 2020 for his dark Horror/Thriller screenplay – Ugly Beautiful.

Finalist at the 2019 Filmatic TV Pilot Awards 2020 for his screenplay ‘Cold Heart’

One of ten selected writers for the 2020 Nostos Screenwriting Retreat Scholarship 2020 for his latest Sci-Fi screenplay – Sagarmatha.