Paula Redlefsen



Paula Redlefsen began her career by studying acting at HB Studios in NYC for three years. Relocating to Berlin, she mainly played in English language productions, both on stage and for film. She worked on film sets of national TV movie productions and international cinema productions in different positions, such as dialogue coach, casting director and assistant director. She started making her own short films and practiced the basics of filmmaking from script development to editing on her own films. Realizing the core quality of a film is really shaped and expressed in the script, she studied screenwriting, first in a year long screenwriting program with Wolfgang Pfeiffer at Ars Nova, followed by script development with Dr. Frauke Schmickl at Masterschool Drehbuch, accompanied by film-history seminars at HFF Potsdam Babelsberg. In order to connect and encourage spec-script writers, she founded the online platform Her favorite genre: Comedy, drama — and everything in between.