Oliver Warren



Oliver Warren is a British writer-director, with a rich heritage in storytelling and an obsession with humankind and her follies.  His passion is for relationship and family-based stories, in both comedy and drama, with well-rounded, diverse ensembles.
He currently splits his time between NYC and his home in the UK with his partner of 12 years, but regularly travels around the world through his work as a fashion film director (a fantastic gig that shows him the world and heavily influences his writing).
Oliver trained as a documentary filmmaker in the 00’s, but he has been writing original pilots and feature screenplays since 2012 – two of which, have JOHN MELFI (EP, Sex & The City, House of Cards, The Morning Show) attached – John believes: “Oliver is a tenacious and talented writer with a real flair for the craft of ensemble.”

He wrote and directed the award-winning short film, CUSP, in 2015:

His latest feature script, the dark gay romance, THREE DATES WITH BEN recently won Toronto’s LGBT Film Festival’s 2020 Feature Screenplay Competition and through the same script, he attended the Sidewalk Stowe Story Lab this summer, and has been in the process of developing this for screen with an aim to direct in 2021.  ,,Oliver was recently invited onto the ISA Development Slate.
For more details of his work, please visit www.oliverwarren.com.