Nan Schmid


Nan is an alumnus of The University Of Iowa and The Second City (Chicago) and the TIME acclaimed playwright, producer and lead actress of, Tallulah ( LA) or Dahling: The Life And Times Of Tallulah Bankhead (NYC).
She also wrote and produced the award winning short film Renee Turns 40 which was optioned by Touchstone Television.
Last year she wrote, produced, directed and appeared in the short political satire, Baby Crabby Pants – 15 Minutes, which is currently on the film festival circuit and has been included in five festivals including the New York International Shorts film festival.
Her screenplay Scapegoat based on her play, Jawbone Of An Ass, performed in LA and the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland . She then wrote the screenplay titled Scapegoat! This script was recently a quarter finalist in the Screencraft Screenplay Awards, PAGE Awards , Stage 32 and A Second Rounder at the Austin Film Festival in the comedy genre.
Nan’s screenplay, The Language of Wolves, was an action/adventure 2019 finalist in the PAGE Awards and a Second Rounder in Austin Film Festival, Screencraft and Stage 32.
The Language Of Wolves deals with current issues on climate change, animal welfare, and what it means to be a family. She is also an alumni of the Stowe Story Lab.
Nan is currently working on a supernatural horror script.