Kevin Anthony Ryan


Recently an excerpt from Ryan’s stage adaptation of FRANKENSTEIN was chosen and performed as one of the Orange County Arts Council’s Ten Minute Play Festival.

In addition, Ryan wrote, directed and produced [for the stage] THE STATIONS OF GEORGE REEVES’ CROSS, in Warwick, NY in 2015.

This “return to theatre” was inspired by the teachings of William Hickey, Herbert Berghof, Janet Frank, Earle Hyman, and William Packard.

Other Playwriting/Production credits include WEDDING DAZE, SCENES FROM A NIGHT’S DREAM and HAVEN OF THE MIND at various theaters in Manhattan. Ryan also directed THE BITTER TEARS OF PETRA VAN KANT and BREMEN FREEDOM at the Theatre Studio during their Rainer Werner Fassbinder marathon.

Ryan is currently a professional clown running “Okey Dokey Entertainment LLC” performing as the beloved Okey Dokey Clown character [more info at].

In 2014, Ryan made his film debut appearing in IT FELT LIKE LOVE by Eliza Hittman. Richard Brody of THE NEW YORKER reviewed the film: “Lila’s relationship with her father [Ryan] is one of the wisest I have seen on screen in a while.”