Heidrun Schleef

Heidrun Schleef Born in Germany and having lived in NY until the mid eighties, Heidrun is one of the leading screenwriters in Italy over the past decades, having worked primarily on auteur films with some of the nation’s most prominent directors on award winning movies. Among the filmmakers she has collaborated with are Mimmo Calopresti, Nanni Moretti, Roberta Torre, Michele Soavi, Gabriele Muccino, Michele Placido and many others, writing both original stories and screenplays for and with them. She has won many awards, including two Nastri d’Argento: Best Screenplay for “Ricordati di Me” (Muccino) and Best Original Story for “La Parola Amore Esiste” (Calopresti). Her long list of produced film credits as screenwriter also include award winning films at Cannes and other prestigious international festivals, including “La Stanza del FIglio” (Moretti), “Un Viaggio Chiamato Amore” (Placido), “La Felicita’ Non Costa Niente” (Calopresti), “Il Caimano” (Moretti), “Mare Nero” (Torre), “L’uomo di Vetro” (Stefano Incerti), and “Come Il Vento” (Puccioni).

Heidrun has also been a distinguished professor of screenwriting at the Centro Sperimentale, the Italian national film school.