Giacun Caduff



Giacun Caduff AKA Jacques à Bâle belongs to those filmmakers who learned their craft in the USA. After completing his studies at the California State University in Long Beach, he interned with John Malkovich and learned how Hollywood films are made. Afterwards he got his Masters at UCLA where his short film “Etienne” was his Thesis project. The Award winning Hamster short movie was shown at over 30 International festivals to this day. In 2006 he created “box[ur]shorts Film Festival” a Platform which showcases short films in video jukeboxes. Giacun Caduff is a co-founder of the “Gässli Film Festival”, the “Movie Camps” and the “Cinema Drive-in”. His feature film “20 rules for Sylvie” hit the Swiss theaters in 2014. In 2016 his short film “La femme et le TGV” which was directed by Timo von Gunten Premiered at the Locarno Film Festival. The short film was nominated for an Oscar.

Afterwards Caduff became the founder of the Filmhaus Basel, which also serves as a residency for filmmakers. Some of his current works in development are a tragic comedy called “Ghosting” the fantasy story “Alice from Switzerland” and well as a political drama.