Francesca Gambato

Francesca is a sustainable living and travel consultant. Her focus is to create holistic tourism experiences that merge her skills –yoga, food and organic agriculture. She is naming this project “Radicarsi”, which in Italian means “to get rooted” referring to the idea of going back to the roots, and in this sense inspiring awareness of the self and connection to the natural world.

Francesca grew up in Northeast Italy. Her first introduction to the world of food started in her family’s restaurant, where she began working at age 15. She received her BA in Communications and Marketing in 2014. Desiring to get back to her roots in gastronomy, Francesca pursued an MA in Food Culture and Communication. Her thesis explored the relationship between food and cities, specifically how different aspects of the industrialization processes have radically changed individuals consumption patterns but also how they have reshaped the urban landscape.

After working in various kitchens, and a brief tenure living in Amsterdam, Francesca decided to enroll in a Yoga Teacher Training at the AYM School in Rishikesh, India. This experience led Francesca to merge her interests in natural food and holistic living, forming a path in pursuit of wellbeing. Today, Francesca lives between Italy and New York City, bringing her work with Radicarsi global.