Anne Leigh Cooper


Anne Leigh Cooper is a dutch filmmaker and activist based in NYC. Anne made her debut short film “Where there is no Light” in 2008, based on the true story of her sister, who was sex trafficked. She continued on writing and making films with empowering messages such as “Anti woman” (2013) Jennifer wants to press charges against her rapist but can’t. Living in Maryland, where once consent is given, it cannot be taken away. “Stockholm Syndrome” (2014) In captivity since 5 years old, Ilona struggles with her reality and “A caged Innocence” (2014) Spinning out of control, a same sex couple is having no luck adopting. In 2014 Anne Leigh Cooper produced her first film “Snowflake” which received 17 wins and 11 nominations from festivals around the world. Following with features “Dick and Jack” (2015) A story about the unique relationships between father and sons “Benji the Dove” (2017) A tender tale of four boys who are rapidly coming to terms with school, bullies, friendship and loyalty and documentary “Feminism in Nicaragua” (2017) a side by side accounts of the feminists before and after the sandinista war. In 2018 Anne produced a documentary in co-production with Canal + about two African American men wrongfully accused of murder “Innocence” and “The Forgotten People of Kashmir” an undercover documentary about the human rights violations happening in the disputed state. In 2020 Anne Leigh Cooper produced narrative feature “On a dark night in Moulton County”, Reality shows “Swiped” focused on empowering women spanning three generations to bond together and find love with a dating app, and “Cooking with Strangers”. Anne also directed the horror short film “Anna”, where a woman receives a mysterious package. Anne Leigh Cooper is in development for her debut feature narrative. Based on a true story “The Monster That Stayed” slated for 2021, During a politically charged moment in history, a woman navigates the red tape involved in reporting a rape. In addition to her filmmaking career, she is a public speaker with talks around the world including at the United Nations, where she delivered a speech on eradicating Human Trafficking. She works for ICV as the Executive Director of the Give Freedom Fund, where she locats and allocates funds to small to medium sized initiatives combating human trafficking around the world. Anne Leigh Cooper’s desire is to combine activism and media to make it mainstream while educating the world.