"We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect."
Anais Nin

The feeling that large chunks of one’s life are spent procrastinating, oftentimes staring at a blank screen and waiting for the muse to arrive from on high is one that many writers are familiar with. Coaxing those words out, forcing ourselves into the “writing space” and all that time spent trying to untangle our thoughts and make sense of the worlds that we wish to create on the page and share with our audience: Developing a writing process can be a daunting task, especially when there is a lack of motivation and we simply aren’t in the mood to write. Most of us are familiar with the idea that the environment we live in affects the person we are, the characteristics we portray and the way that we behave as humans. Even though writing is a lonely process, at Nostos Screenwriting Retreats we believe that surrounding ourselves with people who are like minded and have our same passion can help us be more resilient and tenacious in the pursuit of a goal. We all need friends and mentors in our lives, people we turn to for advice or solidarity especially when our pursuit  of such delicate nature as crafting an imaginary world. This 3 week screenwriting workshop is designed to help take the participants through the process of creating and or perfecting the script for a feature film or tv pilot.It is designed for beginners as well as seasoned screenwriters, who need a place to focus and get feedback on their ideas.


8:30 am      breakfast

9:00 am      workshop and group discussion

12:00 pm      lunch

Afternoon     Free writing. One on one feedback sessions on request.

7:30 pm      dinner


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