The script is the ‘arena’ where ideas gets processed. Characters are designed and shaped, the story details and events are imagined, and the environment for personages to manifest themselves is created: with all their psychological, emotional and social layers.

A very important part is played by the ending which, in its aim to serve a turning point to the story, surprise the viewer or make them contemplate about what they have just witnessed is supposed to reveal the layers of meanings and ‘score’ the main emotion of the film.

This is why the script is so important: it will dictate the rank achieved by the subject of the film on the scale of its maximum potential. The script is the first element that can elevate or degrade a film.

This 3 week screenwriting workshop will take the participants through the process of creating the script for a feature film, from putting together an outline and beat sheet to, finally, turning the structural outline into scenes. It is designed for beginners as well as seasoned screenwriters, who need a place to focus and get feedback on their ideas.

By the end of the workshop, participants will have a detailed outline of their feature and most, if not all, of a first act.

Nora Jaenicke Short Bio

Nora Jaenicke is an award-winning filmmaker currently residing between Cambridge and New York City.

She grew up in Italy with German parents and studied Film at the European Institute of Design in Rome and Screenwriting at Vancouver Film School. Later on she was able to get a full scholarship to deepen her studies in Psychology and Creative Writing at Harvard University.

She has worked in Cologne, Germany for the Documentary Film Production Company Taglichtmedia and as a Set Designer in Los Angeles, before starting to write and direct her own films. Among other films she has worked as a Set Designer on Chronenberg's Film "A Dangerous Method". Her feature length screenplay Whales was selected to be a part of the Kitzbuehl Writing Residency in August 2017.

Her most recent film Between Seconds has won 33 Awards all over the world.

The short film version of her feature length screenplay Whales is currently on its festival circuit and has already won two awards, one as Best Drama at the Los Angeles Film Awards and one as Best Set Design at the Gold Movie Awards in London.

Nora is currently in post-production of one more short film -Joyce, also a short film version of a feature that she is hoping to make: A mosaic of interrelated stories that explore the American Dream and the plight of immigrants in New York City.

She is an avid traveler, continuing to explore the world and telling stories about it, whenever she gets a chance.

Rudy Thauberger Short Bio

Rudy Thauberger wrote the screenplays for the feature films The Rhino Brothers and Chicago Heights (with Daniel Nearing), as well as the short film Goalie (based on his short story). He has also written teleplays for the SyFy network movies-of-theweek Snowmaggedon and The 12 Disasters of Christmas.

 He is a past winner of the BC Literary Rites short story competition, a finalist in the Canadian National Playwriting Contest, a two-time winner of the Monday Magazine short story contest and has been shortlisted four times in the annual 3-Day Novel Contest. He is the co-creater and writer of the web series Coma State (currently in development) and has worked as a story editor on several films and comic books, most recently the feature film Hogtown.  His short story Goalie has been anthologized over twenty times.

 Currently, he's working on several film, television and comic book projects, including the upcoming webs series 60 Second Screams. 

He holds an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia and works as an instructor at the Vancouver Film School.

David Pope Short Bio

David Pope is a screenwriter and script consultant working internationally.

David is the annual consultant / moderator for the Rotterdam Lab at CineMart and co-founder of Stowe Story Labs.

David has worked as script consultant on single projects and slates in US, Europe, Middle East. North Africa and Asia including work with Academy Award and BAFTA nominated producers and screenwriters, national film funds and regional agencies.

David recently completed a commission writing the latest draft of the European co-production TEMPELHOF and has recently been commissioned to write the international co-production RULIN. David is the director of advance films with whom he has slate of projects. Currently in development is feature film THE BELONGING and television drama RECONSTRUCTION.

Previous script development and training clients include:

BFI, UK Film Council, BBC, BAFTA, National Theatre, British Council, Creative Europe, Cannes Cinefondation, Royal Film Commission – Jordan, Rawi Screenwriting Lab, Warp Films, Allfilm, Wajda School, Edinburgh International Film Festival, BFI London Film Festival, Polish Film Institute, Media Business School, Cannes Film Festival, Film London, Lionhead Studios, Xingu Films, Irish Film Board, FAS Screen Training Ireland, Filmbase, MEDIA, Jameson Dublin International Film Festival, New Horizons Studio, Estonian Film Institute, Arts Council Malta, London Film Academy and London University amongst many others.

Daily Schedule

8:30 am      breakfast

9:00 am      workshop and group discussion

12:00 pm      lunch

Afternoon     Free writing. One on one feedback sessions on request.

7:30 pm      dinner

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